neural circuits. learning. computation.

flexible actions

Behavioral and neural changes underlying skilled motor actions

models of learning

Computations and circuit mechanisms of reinforcement learning

tools + neuroscience

Molecular tools, hardware, and software for systems neuroscience

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Laura Grima is giving a zoom seminar at Bristol University discussing her work on multioption foraging behavior in mice.

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New paper

Luke's new study Mesolimbic dopamine adapts the rate of learning from action is now published in its final version at Nature.

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New paper

Junchol's new paper, Motor cortical output for skilled forelimb movement is selectively distributed across projection neuron classes, is now available in its final formatted version at Science Advances.

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Luke gave a seminar A role for dopamine in value-free learning as part of Neuromodulation in the brain block of seminars in WWNeuRise.

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New paper

Wan Chen's new paper, Hippocampal representations of foraging trajectories depend upon spatial context, is now published at Nature Neuroscience.

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New paper

Weixing's new paper, Dissociable contributions of phasic dopamine activity to reward and prediction, is now available in its final formatted version at Cell Reports.

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We are a collection of scientists with a broad range of backgrounds from biophysics to psychology.

We are part of the Mechanistic Cognitive Neuroscience research area - A multi-lab team of tool-builders, biologists, and theorists.

Our lab has a set of shared values that articulate our commitment to disseminate our work, embrace diversity, and engage through outreach.


Over the past few years we have focused on studying the circuits and computations of the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia in the context of reward seeking behaviors in mice. Previous work has spanned a range of questions from behavioral measures of disease progression in human patients to the structure glutamate receptors.

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Our lab spans a wide range of approaches from electrophysiology during behavior to two-photon imaging. We are always on the lookout to work with talented, interested people with diverse skills and backgrounds either as members of the lab or as visiting scientists through the Janelia Visiting Scientists program.

We also keenly interested to help expose students to neuroscience research and help launch research careers through our participation in the Janelia Graduate Program or the Graduate Research Fellowship program. For undergraduates, our lab is a regular participant in the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program.

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