Our lab is at the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. We study the function of the mammalian brain using a wide range of techniques. Our lab specializes in electrophysiology, behavior, computation & imaging.


joshua dudman
senior group leader


nada abdel-rahman
postdoctoral associate
w/ ann hermunstad

luke coddington
research scientist


sheng gong
postdoctoral associate

laura grima
postdoctoral associate


jason keller
postdoctoral associate


ratan othayoth
postdoctoral associate
w/ rob johnson

weixing pan
senior scientist


maya tondravi
research technician
janelia-meyerhoff scholar
w/ ron vale

visiting scientists

Dominique Pritchett
Howard University
Qi Li
graduate student
Shan Xi Medical University
Adam Hantman
University of North Carolina
Jay Guo
research specialist
University of North Carolina


wanchen jiang
postdoctoral associate
Faculty at Shanghai Technical University
junchol park
postdoctoral associate
Scientist at Princeton University
Alannah jones
Meyerhoff Scholar
Student at UNC
tori riccelli
HHMI med fellow
Medical student at Mayo Clinic
james phillips
graduate scholar
Special advisor to Prime Minister
john kirkham
software engineer II
beth stubblefield
visiting scientist
Research scientist at UC Denver
eric yttri
postdoctoral associate | research scientist
Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
yi li
postdoctoral associate
kathleen martin
research technician
Ph.D. student, NSF fellow at NYU
jennifer brown
graduate scholar | janelia undergraduate scholar
Postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley
Gennady Denisov
senior software engineer
High Performance Computing Team at NIH
babita panigrahi
hhmi medical fellow
Resident at Johns Hopkins University
karima azdad
postdoctoral associate
Attaché Risk Management at Federal Public Service Health, Brussels, Belgium
lucy lai
janelia undergraduate scholar
Ph.D. student at Harvard University
eszter kish
janelia undergraduate scholar
Ph.D. Student at UCSF
Theeradej Thaweerattanasinp
janelia undergraduate scholar
Ph.D. Student at Northwestern University
bailey hwa
summer intern
Undergraduate at Columbia University

Work with us

Our lab spans a wide range of approaches from electrophysiology during behavior to two-photon imaging. We are always on the lookout to work with talented, interested people with diverse skills and backgrounds either as members of the lab or as visiting scientists through the Janelia Visiting Scientists program.

We also keenly interested to help expose students to neuroscience research and help launch research careers through our participation in the Janelia Graduate Program or the Graduate Research Fellowship program. For undergraduates, our lab is a regular participant in the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program.

All inquiries can be sent directly to the lab using the form below.