Our lab is located at the Janelia Research Campus
of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. We make available to external labs several resources that we have developed.

We study a critical nexus in the mammalian brain where sensory information and motor planning come together to subserve volition - the basal ganglia. Browse an overview of our projects.

Keep tabs on rumblings from DudLab or get in touch. We are always looking to work with talented people with skills in electrophysiology, engineering, behavior, optics, and computation.

Over the past few years we have focused on studying the circuits of the basal ganglia in the context of reward seeking behaviors in mice. Previous work has spanned a range of techniques and questions from behavioral measures of disease progression in human patients to the structure glutamate receptors.

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Our lab spans a wide range of technical approaches from electrophysiology during behavior to two-photon imaging. We are always on the lookout for talented people with skills in physiology, behavior, imaging, or, computation, and a strong desire to combine multiple technical approaches. Inquiries can be sent directly to the lab by contacting us.

For interested students, we have a small number of slots for exceptional graduate students through the Janelia Graduate Program or the Graduate Research Fellowship program. For undergraduates, our lab is a regular participant in the Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program.

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our network

The research teams at Janelia are intentionally small and built around active collaboration between groups. Our lab depends upon collaborations with other labs that span a broad range of technical and intellectual expertise.

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